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Taste Through Time

A series of historical food programs that give audiences a taste of Western civilization from the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt to what was served to the men leaving for the trenches of World War I.

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Trial by Fork: Formal Victorian Dining Demystified

When does a formal dinner setting become a trial by fork? This program explores a time of forgotten elegance and will demystify the manners and accoutrements of a formal, twelve-course Victorian dinner.


The Spice of Life

Have you ever seen a cinnamon tree? Do you know what part of the plant is used to make mace, a popular spice used in pumpkin pies? In this one-hour program, food historian Tames Alan will share her knowledge about the plants that yield these aromatic treasures that were once worth their weight in gold.

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Salon Suppers

Ever wonder what meals Casanova would’ve been proud to serve? This program will show how food was used during the Rococo period to enhance romantic liaisons. Topics covered are the menu, the setting, and the seduction.


There and Back Again: The Migration of New World Foods

In this one-hour program, Tames will be your guide on a culinary journey that explains how the indigenous foods of the Americas traveled the world over, and, like the prodigal son, returned to their homeland changed and forever identified as the ethnic foods of America’s diverse immigrant population.

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Food in the Ancient World

Come explore the ancient world in these two one-hour programs that give insight into the food, rituals, and customs that were part of serving meals in the cultures that gave birth to Western civilization.

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