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Ballroom Dance Workshops

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Have you ever wanted to learn to dance? Ballroom dance is a great way to stimulate your brain and body. We create a fun learning environment for beginners learning their first steps all the way to more advanced dancers who are interested in new styles and techniques. Students receive instruction from both Jim & Tames, so they get to work with a solid leader and follower. No partner is necessary for any of our classes or lessons.

Jim and Tames focus on proper frame and footwork, musicality, and teaching steps as building blocks to more intricate patterns.  They make lessons fun and interesting, with steps you can use in any social dance setting.

What we offer

1-2 hour workshops in a variety of styles. We have found that East Coast Swing and Salsa work best for large groups.


Ongoing Classes are available for groups of any size in the following styles:


Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Nightclub Two Step, and East Coast Swing (single or triple step)


1-hour private lessons in any of the above styles


We specialize in wedding choreography for Bride and Groom dances and Father/Daughter dances in a variety of styles.


Please note we need at least one month before your wedding to work with you.

Event Icebreakers: Dance is a great icebreaker for your event, and we enjoy teaching in this environment. Ballroom dance is good for team building, getting to know people at an event, or having fun at parties.



Tames and Jim have a decade of Ballroom dance experience both teaching and performing with Dance Driven, an adult ballroom dance formation team. They have taught at the YMCA, the Manhattan Club, and various places around the Puget Sound area.


Tames and Jim gave a Swing dance class at our wedding rehearsal as an icebreaker for our families who hadn’t met each other. We had a great time getting to know each other and we learned to dance too! Eric and Emily R.


They have a good balance of explanation, demonstration, and practice in their classes. Sometimes it’s hard to believe an hour has passed when we’re done. Kathy C.


We hired Tames and Jim for a summer camp family reunion at the Seabeck Conference Center. They gave a fun dance workshop that included people from their seventies to preteen. The workshop brought back memories of dancing for the older adults and was enjoyed by the younger people. Christine H.


Jim and Tames helped me learn new steps in a way that I can remember them so I don’t have to do the basic ones all the time at social dances.

Mike D.


Jim and Tames’ chorography for our wedding dance was fun and made us feel elegant. Kathleen and Matt B.


Their classes are always fun, with lots of good humor and laughter along with helping us learn. Jen L.


Jim and Tames came to give a fantastic dance workshop for my sixtieth birthday party. My friends and I loved it. Amanda R.


Tames and Jim are really patient and can break down the steps to help us really understand them. This greatly helps us learn, especially when we aren’t getting the steps right away. Noah S.

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