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Salon Suppers
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In this rollicking and often humorous one-hour lecture, Tames Alan brings to life her vast knowledge of social history, detailing all the advance planning needed to ensure a successful salon supper, an intimate affair for both sexes that was created so a select few could meet in relative privacy and freely express themselves without the fear of being overheard or gossiped about by their rivals or by the servants. During the Rococo Era, seduction was an art form that culminated in the salon supper. This French-inspired meal, or souper intime, was a great favorite of Casanova, who felt that a tasty but not heavy meal was important in the seduction process. This program will cover what Casanova put so successfully into practice. Come learn what foods were thought to be aphrodisiacs and how the chafing dish enhanced a gentleman’s chances of wooing his fair maid. Topics covered are décor, dress, lighting, and, most importantly, the menu. Join us for a lecture set to titillate all the senses.

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