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Tames Alan is known for her in-depth research and lively presentational style.

She kindles a thirst for history while entertaining the audiences with her knowledge and humor."


Pierce & King County Libraries

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In Ancient Rome during the time of the Republic and into the early Empire, the Paterfamilias (male head of the family) had the power of life and death over everyone in the family: even adult sons had to be given formal “emancipation” before they could make wills, own property, or enter into contracts.

Tames’ head is full of random historical facts from her research, and this is where she shares them. New facts are added bi-monthly, so check back regularly to see what Tames has dug up.

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Get a little taste of history!              


Every month, Tames posts a new, authentic historical recipe. 


This month's recipe is:

Ancient Greco Roman Cheese Honey Cake

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