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"Tames Alan draws in her audience and before they know it they've learned more about history in one sitting than they did in an entire semester sitting in a classroom!  Her ability to turn history into entertainment is unsurpassed and her knowledge about how our ancestors lived is unending!"

Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Green Show


  "Tames Alan is known for her in-depth research and lively presentational style. She kindles a thirst for history while entertaining the audiences with her knowledge and humor."

 Pierce & King County Libraries


"We have never had so many people turn out for a program before.  What a fantastic speaker! No wonder she packs the house wherever she goes."  The Cheney Cole Museum, Spokane


"Tames Alan is the most popular speaker in the history of the Inquiring Mind series." The Washington Commission for the Humanities



Hear What Audiences Are Saying



Tames Alan's performances are outstanding!


 It was fantastic to see a performance that was actually relevant to Shakespeare's time and the theatre. Entertaining, informative, well done. Please bring more of Tames’ performances to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show.


Love her presentations.


Tames' dedication and talent are always evident in her engaging, educational, and entertaining performances; she truly brings history to life in a uniquely captivating way.


 Amazing tidbits to help us understand THE PLAYS.


 Please have her back! This was so educational and entertaining, great for kids & adults. She was so engaging & able to hold the audience attention. Thank you!


She is Awesome.


3rd time we have seen her--came specifically for this time!


 Very entertaining and informative. Keep on coming back. My favorite Green show act!! Just the kind of stuff that interests me!


Wonderful performance! So engaging!


Excellent show. Very educational. My daughter (10) loved it.


Amazing! What a fun way to learn! She was incredible and so knowledgeable.


Tames Alan's performance was witty, intellectually stimulating, culturally relevant, and an eye-opening complement to the Shakespeare Festival's programming.  Thank you, Tames, for an entertaining, informational and engaging performance that won't be forgotten.


 Tams is great and so much fun.


 That a delightful informative presentation. Please bring Tames back again next year for more FUN! Thank you! <3


Excellent! So interesting and very well delivered. I'd love to see it again.




Excellent performance! Very informative + entertaining for the whole family.


Outstanding!! Can't wait to see more.


 Very interesting and so full of information. She spoke very well. Had lots of fun and it was a very engaging Green Show.


This presentation will add greatly to my experience at Great Expectations this evening.

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