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Soldiers in Petticoats: The Struggles of the Suffragettes 
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With her wide knowledge of women’s history, Tames brings to life the suffragettes, their struggles, and their influence on major issues of their era, such as child labor laws, workers’ rights, and the legal status of women.


Starting with the rallying cry of Abigail Adams, “Remember the women!” and following the work of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Tames traces the history of the women’s movement that eventually led not only to women getting the right to vote but laid the ground work for the civil rights movement and the fight for equal pay and equal recognition under the law for women.


Dressed in the authentic clothing of a suffragette, Tames talks about the struggle of American women to gain the right to vote. In 1867, the passing of the 14th Amendment defined “citizen” as “male,” thus denying women the right to vote. Tames focuses on the turbulent time when many states granted women the right to vote only to have the privilege taken away by decisions made in Washington, DC. Learn how American women adopted the militant tactics of their English sister suffragettes to not only earn the right to vote but to be considered citizens of the country of which they were the founding mothers.

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