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By a Lady: A Look at Jane Austen's World
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Tames gives an engaging description of what it was like to be alive during the time Jane Austen wrote her books. In the first half of this program, Tames appears in an authentic Regency dress that any of Jane Austen’s characters would have worn during the day. Using quotes from the characters and the characters’ behaviors from Austen’s books, Tames shows how they reflect the reality of the times, especially concerning finances, entailment of estates, and all the social ramifications of marriage. She explains why this era is called the Regency and how ideas about love and marriage underwent significant changes during this era.


Changing into an evening dress that would be appropriate for a ball or assembly dance, Tames describes each piece of clothing, including undergarments, fabrics, and hair and makeup, which marked a transition between the 18th century and the Victorian era. She then discusses ballroom etiquette, the importance of proper introductions, food and drink, and the dances that made up a major part of the hunt for a husband during this time.

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