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The Myth Makers of Civilization: Ancient Greece
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In this program, Tames appears in authentic Classical Greek costume and begins with a discussion of the ancient Minoan sea kings, who ruled the Mediterranean Sea from the island of Crete. Using the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, she brings to life the morals and values of Minoan society.


She then discusses the Mycenaean culture and the Trojan War before comparing both cultures to that of the Classical Greeks, covering such topics as theater, religion, mythology, and the role of women and children in society.


This interdisciplinary program also combines art and theater with history. After the audience receives paper and pencil, Tames assumes poses copied from ancient Greek pottery. During each 30-second pose, the audience learns the basics of figure drawing, learning how to draw the spine and limbs to create quick sketches of a human figure.


The last part of this program consists of teaching the audience a simple Greek folk dance. The ancient Greeks danced to celebrate many events in their lives, including their joys and sorrows and the victories of their warriors.

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