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From the Streets of Shakespeare to the Court of Elizabeth

In first part of this program, Tames appears in an authentic lower-middle-class Elizabethan costume that would be representative of the baker’s wife, the butcher’s wife, or the candle maker. These are people who had a trade that was valued in their community but didn’t necessarily own land. She describes each article of clothing, focusing on the fabrics and the dyes used during this time period. She talks about what these people ate, what they studied in school or apprenticeships, and what it was like to go to the doctor. 

In the second part of this program, Tames changes into an authentic, 62-piece Elizabethan court costume with full makeup, assisted by one or two members of the audience. As she dresses, she describes each piece of clothing and its significance. Once fully dressed, she talks about the life and times in Elizabeth’s court. She focuses on the pleasures and duties of living at court, how marriage was for political gain, and what it was like to attend the queen.

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