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Learning Among the Oak Groves: A Look at Celtic Life
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Dressed as a Celtic woman, Tames talks about what it was like to live in ancient Britain at the time of the Roman invasion. She explains the hierarchy of the Celtic tribe and the binding factors between the tribes–the Druids and Bards. She also talks about the Celtic holidays and tells how and why they were celebrated, as well as the very special relationship the Celts had with the lands and waters they worshipped.

The Celts judged people upon their abilities, not necessarily their birthright, though birthright was very important. It was an egalitarian society, and everybody was needed to help the tribe survive. Celtic wool, woven by both men and women, was a prized trade commodity across the ancient world, and Tames discusses the significance of the dyes and weaving patterns.

Tames explains the training a person received for his rites of passage, as well as for his chosen craft, be it smith, hunter, or herdsman. Using the story of Cu Chulainn, Tames discusses the importance of becoming a warrior in this martial society, including the weapons training one received. Part of the program centers on Celtic women and their training as wives, warriors, and leaders of worship.

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